CBLOL 2018 Act 2

When it comes to bombastic opening shows, the Brazilian League of Legends Championship (CBLOL) finals has a tradition of setting a high bar. In 2018, we were invited to collaborate in this huge celebration of e-sports.

With LED panels covering the whole stage, we designed an optical illusion that blurred the lines between floor and walls when seen through the main camera lens - as watched live by over a million viewers on YouTube.

ACT 2 was the premiere of an original song composed by brazilian rapper Emicida specially for CBLOL, with lyrics containing a number of references to memes and expressions created by the LOL community. To go with the music and having the URF game mode as reference, we created a cel-animated extravaganza the ranges from FelixtheCat-like animated elephants and ridiculously aggressive weaponry to turning all athletes in the final into their preferred champions.

Take a look at all this below and don't forget to check the ACT 1 of this project!


Brand: RIOT Brasil

Direction: Daniel Kano, Jannerson Xavier

Screenplay: Daniel Kano, Jannerson Xavier

Art Direction: Daniel Kano, Victor Tchaba

Illustration: Victor Tchaba, Daniel Kano, Amália Lage, Anderson do Nascimento

Motion: Jannerson Xavier, Lennon Valinhas, Amália Lage, Gabriela Zaneti, Natália Cardoso, Ricardo Drehmer

Shooting: RIOT Brasil

Sound Design: Original Music: RIOT Games, Emicida, Felipe Junqueira, Samuel Ferrari / Music Production and Direction: Felipe Junqueira, Samuel Ferrari / Sound Design: mdois / Lead Singer: Emicida / Backing Vocals: Nina Oliveira e Rita Bastos / Horn Section:  Reginaldo 16 Toneladas, Joabe Reis, Iramar Souza, Renato Batista

Project Manager: Marcelo Moreno