Mais Direitos Menos Zika

Funk carioca is a rich cultural scene born in Rio's slums but very influential throughout Brazil. One of the latest representatives of that style is Dream Team do Passinho, an all-star group of dancers revealed in Rio's many contests of funk dance:
the so called passinho.

When the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) was faced with the challenge of making a public health awareness campaign to address the surge of Zika virus in communities in need, the answer was to combine the light mood of the funk with the seriousness a public health campaign should have. The result was "Mais Direitos, Menos Zika" (More rights, less Zika).

We were approached to make all post-production for the video of the proprietary song of the campaign in just 5 days. The idea was to fit together the fun color pallete of the group with news and photographic clipping that would denounce the government's lack of attention for the infrastructure of the favelas, all while showcasing DTP's awesome dancing skills.

The result is a 3 minute frenzy of funk carioca, harsh lyrics, crazy dance moves, shocking photography and colorful graphics we're very proud of having worked on.


Brand: UNFPA

Direction: André Lefcadito

Art Direction: Jannerson Xavier, Daniel Kano, Amália Lage, Victor Tchaba, Diogo Aso, Deborah Roost

Motion: Jannerson Xavier, Daniel Kano, Amália Lage, Victor Tchaba

Shooting: Estilingue Filmes

Editing: Estilingue Filmes, Jannerson Xavier

Cast: Dream Team do Passinho

Project Manager: Marcelo Moreno